The Rules

So, this is how it's going to go, kids. I'm going to regurgitate my thoughts on new and old movies and you're going to love it. Cool? Cool. 

In all seriousness, when I read a review, it's generally to confirm or dispute my suspicions of a movie that I'm seeing. I generally like to get a spoiler-free taste of the movies strengths and/or weaknesses, so I can adjust my expectations going in. Sadly, many reviewers like to break down every plot point and construct their review from there. I hate that so very, very much - at least for new reviews that are being released before the movie even drops nationwide. It can be nice to dive deeper into a movie at some point, but I want to avoid anything too spoiler-esque at first.

That brings us here. I want to create a place people can go to get a read on movies without subjecting them to every single plot point (with the occasional deep dive where needed). 

If that also sounds like what you want, then welcome aboard, fellow movie-obsessive guest! 

Enjoy the reviews and feel free to give me feedback in the comments below...unless you're going to be an ass. Don't be an ass.