Here we go again.

The announcement that Ecto Cooler, beloved drink of my youth, would be returning to store shelves in May of 2016 was met with widespread joy from both the Ghostbusters and classic beverage communities as a whole, as well as myself.  Furthermore, additional details that revealed how not only would Ecto Cooler be released in the box format most of us recall from our respective childhoods, but a can variant that changed color as you consumed the drink took this event to a whole new level of nostalgic bliss.

Unfortunately, while the boxes were plentiful following Ecto Cooler’s spring comeback, the cans were somewhat harder to come by.  Amazon would stock the item intermittently, and the only brick-and-mortar location that carried the can at the time happened to be, oddly, Cinemark movie theaters.  With the nearest Cinemark a solid hour from my residence and my laziness getting the best of me, I resigned myself to being satisfied with the boxes-which I was.  Like an ill-advised Ghostbusters reboot, the cans would come in time.

Rumors soon swirled regarding the cans hitting store shelves sometime over the summer of 2016, though these rumors soon were proven to be untrue.  Luckily, the waiting game soon paid off, as a tip directed me in September of 2016 to Woodman’s, a Wisconsin-based grocery store chain where I had, ironically, first looked for the elusive drink back in May.  An email to the fine staff at Woodman’s confirmed the tip, and in no time I was on my way, with my two children in tow for the second part of my Ecto Cooler odyssey.

To be honest, that’s really where my story ends, as we found the cans within a minute of our arrival and shortly thereafter were on our way back home, where the newly purchased six-pack was immediately refrigerated as any container of Ecto Cooler should be.  However, to revisit similar emotions as those I felt back in May when I tasted the drink for the first time since I was a child was a unique experience-it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, as if it were a fine wine, when paired with the recently unveiled Ghostbusters Little Golden Book, it’s a match made in heaven.