Game Over, Man!.jpg

I'm sure a sizable group exists that have vehemently pined for the creative team behind Comedy Central's Workaholics to one day take their brand of humor into the world of feature films.  If you, dear reader, happen to inhabit said group, I truly hope you're pleased, as Game Over, Man! takes that team (Anders Holm, Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson), who also happen to be the stars of Workaholics as well, and reminds us why everything after season one or possibly even two were mostly unwatchable.  Describing the plot of this Die Hard-esque attempt at comedy is useless, as it ultimately exists as nothing more than an extended episode of the series but with changes to the setting and occupations of its three leads.  The instant the opening production logos transition into the film itself, Game Over, Man! quickly gets on one’s nerves and immediately offers a unique challenge to see how long one will last before retreating to a binge watch of The Good Place.  The jokes are far too offensively crude, graphic moments are plentiful, and the cast members themselves seem exhausted by what they're doing.  Indeed, I too felt the same way.

In an era where the title of the property accurately describes the quality (I’m looking at you, Everything Sucks!), Game Over, Man! is another depressing addition to the list.  It's no wonder Netflix is where this poorly made disaster calls home, as recent offerings by the streaming giant (The Cloverfield Paradox, Mute, Bright) seem intent on showcasing its ability to not understand how to make something longer than an hour work as a movie.

You're better off doing anything else.