From directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, best known for 2006's Little Miss Sunshine and a slew of alt-rock music videos throughout the '90s, comes Battle of the Sexes, a movie that might cause one to jump up in celebratory relief were they able to make it all the way from start to finish.  An amazingly boring, slightly confusing first fifteen minutes offers nothing in terms of quality, while stars Steve Carell and Emma Stone lazily inhabit the roles of real-life dueling tennis champions Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King.  Supporting roles are handled somewhat by Andrea Riseborough, Bill Pullman and Sarah Silverman, while the onscreen events that take place following said fifteen minutes will forever remain a mystery to me as I had no interest whatsoever in continuing.  At the very least, Battle of the Sexes does feature Elisabeth Shue as Riggs' wife, and any movie that casts the woman who once played Jennifer in the latter two Back to the Future entries does warrant something of a polite pat on the back. 

Moving on.